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Hazards and avoidance of mobile phone radiation

Tips 2022-06-15 10:06:39 Home Appliances 557

1. When you feel your head or face getting hot, stop talking immediately and scrub and massage your face with hot water to help the injured tissue recover.

2. The moment the mobile phone is turned on and the seconds before and after it is connected are when the electromagnetic radiation of the mobile phone is the strongest. Therefore, during these two periods, it is best not to keep the phone close to the body, or to listen to the phone.

3. It is recommended to use earphones for frequent use and long-time conversation. The main impact of mobile phones on head radiation is near-field radiation. When a mobile phone is more than 30cm away from the head, the radiation on the head will be greatly attenuated. Using headphones is 100 times less than using a cell phone. Especially for those people who are sensitive to mobile phone radiation, the use of headphones will eliminate the user's self-conscious symptoms.

Hazards and avoidance of mobile phone radiation1

4. As far as possible to reduce the mobile phone talk time, do not "talk on the phone", such as a call time is long, might as well stop in the middle, divided into two or three conversations. As the thermal effect of radiated energy is a cumulative process, the time spent using the mobile phone each time and the number of times per day should be minimized. It is more scientific to use the left and right ears alternately when you have to talk for a long time.

5. It should be noted that the weaker the mobile phone display signal, the farther the mobile phone is from the base station, and the transmitting power of the mobile phone will become larger. It is beneficial to use it for as short a time as possible.

6. Nowadays, most mobile phones support Bluetooth, and using a Bluetooth headset can effectively reduce the radiation damage to mobile phones.

7. Mobile phone charging, the socket had better leave 30 cm away from the human body, do not put on the bedside, otherwise immune function cells may be affected by radiation and the number of reduced.