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How to remove dirt from plastic water pipes?

Tips 2022-07-07 15:07:21 Home Life 463

Some families choose plastic water pipes when decorating. This plastic water pipe is easy to breeds dirt in the later stage, resulting in poor water quality. So how do remove dirt from plastic water pipes?

How to remove dirt from plastic water pipes?1

1. You can ask professional personnel to come to help you clean it. They use a chemical cleaning method, which requires the help of certain chemicals. There is an auxiliary agent called citric acid, which can chemically react with the dirt in the plastic water pipe so that it can achieve the purpose of cleaning.

2. There is also a high-pressure cleaning method, which requires closing the water valve in the home first, and then injecting high-pressure water into the dirt in the pipe, to achieve a certain cleaning effect.

3. Chemical cleaning can be performed first, and then high-pressure cleaning can be performed, which can effectively rinse the chemical substances in the water pipe completely, and it is safer to use the water later.