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What are the characteristics of power frequency transformers?

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Power frequency transformers are also called low-frequency transformers to show that they are different from high-frequency transformers used in switching power supplies. Power frequency transformers have been widely used in traditional power supplies in the past, and the stability of these power supplies is linearly regulated, so that traditional power supply is also known as linear power supply. So what are the characteristics of power frequency transformers?

What are the characteristics of power frequency transformers?1

1. Differences in magnetic materials: Power frequency transformers use silicon steel sheets as magnetic core materials; high-frequency transformers use ferrite core materials.

2. Difference in operating frequency: The operating frequency of a power frequency transformer generally refers to the power frequency of 50HZ or 60HZ; the operating frequency of a high-frequency transformer is generally above 1KHZ, even tens of kHz or hundreds of kHz, and the application range of different frequencies is different. Same.

3. Application: Power frequency transformers are generally used to convert 220V or 110V power frequency high voltage into power frequency low voltage, which is used for the power supply of circuit boards of small household appliances (such as soymilk machines, range hoods, audio, etc., which have a wide range of applications; High-frequency transformers are widely used (such as mobile phone chargers, electronic ballasts, switching power supplies, color TV power supplies, computer power supplies, LCD drives, and power supplies, etc. are used in many occasions).