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Difference between Typhoon and Hurricane

Tips 2022-06-27 08:06:42 Home Life 356

1. There is essentially no difference between a typhoon and a hurricane. Both are tropical cyclones but are given different names due to their different locations.

2. We call the strong tropical cyclones generated in the Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea typhoons, and the tropical cyclones generated in the Atlantic Ocean, the eastern North Pacific, and the Caribbean Sea hurricanes. The direction of rotation of typhoons is different in different hemispheres. In the southern hemisphere, typhoons rotate clockwise, while in the northern hemisphere, typhoons rotate counterclockwise.

Difference between Typhoon and Hurricane1

3. Whether it is a typhoon or a hurricane, it is accompanied by strong storms, which will affect our lives and property. Especially for our agriculture, people's livelihood, and economy, it will have a great impact on these fields. Both are natural disasters with great impact and serious harm. However, due to the development of technology, we can detect its running direction and trajectory in real-time, and we have sufficient time to take defensive measures.