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How to clean rust from my clothes?

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Apply a 15% acetic acid solution (or 15% tartaric acid solution) to the stain, or soak the stained area in the solution for about a day before rinsing. You can also soak the rust stains with 10% citric acid solution and soak them in concentrated brine. Rub and rinse the next day.

If rust stains white cotton fabric, use a small spoon of oxalic acid on the stain, then sprinkle some warm water, gently rub, and then rinse with water. Special attention to the operation should be fast, to avoid oxalic acid corrosion clothing, this method can not be used many times.

According to the degree of clothing rust pollution, take out several vitamin C tablets into powder, sprinkle in the wet clothing rust stains, to fully soak, hard rub several times, can remove rust stains.

How to clean rust from my clothes?1

The rust on the clothing, if not a lot, can be used to remove rust remover. Aim the remover at the dirty place to spray evenly, stay on clothes 3-5 minutes later, repeatedly rub several times, rinse with clean water several times, until the besmirch is cleared clean. Note to determine the amount of rust remover according to the amount of dirt, too much or too little is not good.

If it is the rust of the wheel hub, the paint can be cleaned with iron powder remover. The specific method is to wipe the hub with a semi-wet and semi-dry cloth, and then spray the rusting agent, stop 10-15 minutes after the soft dry cloth to wipe clean. If the rust is more serious, you can spray the rust remover again, stop for a while and then wipe.

The easiest way to wash rust: use several fresh lemons, squeeze out lemon juice sprinkled on rust stains, until the lemon juice soaked clothes with hand rub, repeated several times until rust stains removed, and then soapy water cleaning, finally clean with water can be.