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What material is good for chopsticks?

Tips 2022-06-28 09:06:58 Healthy Diet 308

Chopsticks are our favorite eating tools, and we use them in almost every meal. But there are many kinds of chopsticks in the supermarket container, so what kind of material is good for chopsticks?

What material is good for chopsticks?1

1. Wooden chopsticks. One of the most used at home, the common wooden chopsticks are beech, wenge, red sandalwood, and so on. Healthy and environmentally friendly with texture, rich texture, and economical price.

2. Bamboo chopsticks. Moso bamboo or Nanzhu is produced as a raw material. The advantage is that it is healthy, environmentally friendly, and has a texture. However, the problem is that, like wooden chopsticks, it is easy to mildew and deform, so it is also best to replace them every six months for the same health.

3. Alloy chopsticks. It is made of some kind of engineering plastic. Although it has a single appearance and is dark black, it has strong toughness, is not easy to break, has high-temperature resistance, is easy to clean, and will not deform and fade, so it is still very suitable for household use.