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How to get an abortion at 4 months pregnant

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There are generally two methods to deal with, including medical abortion and surgical abortion. The best time for an abortion is 35-50 days. Try to do it within 70 days. If it exceeds 90 days, the fetus is larger and the bones are hardened, so the only way to induce labor is to perform labor induction. The operation needs to fully dilate the cervix. At the same time, the uterus is enlarged and the uterine wall is congested and softened, which is easy to damage the uterine wall during surgery. Therefore, the induction of labor is difficult and has many complications, which cannot be carried out by general hospitals.

After successful induction of labor, it is usually necessary to stay in the hospital for observation for 3 days. The doctor will give the necessary treatment according to the situation of the induced labor. There is no abnormality and can be discharged after 3 days. Rest for at least one month after induction of labor to avoid exertion. You are currently unfit for labor and training. Sexual intercourse is forbidden for one month after induction of labor, and care must be taken to keep it clean. One month later, you should go to the hospital for a review and implement contraceptive measures.

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A woman after induced labor is equivalent to having a child. Do not participate in manual labor too early, otherwise, the root cause of "uterine prolapse" will easily fall. After labor induction, eat more nutrient-dense foods, as well as fresh vegetables and fruits. Within two weeks, you should eat more chicken, lean pork, eggs, milk, beans, and soy products.