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What is the right hardness for ski boots?

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The hardness of male beginner ski boots should be between 60-90, and athletes with superb skills and strong physical strength are recommended to use the hardness of 90-130. Ladies, especially those who want to ski easily, 70 degrees is enough. If you want to beat that guy at the ski slopes, you can go for harder shoes. If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you buy a package that includes snowshoes and snowboards. This set of snowshoes won't be too hard, and it will keep you clean and comfortable, which is great for improving your skiing skills.

What is the right hardness for ski boots?1

Go to the ski shop and try on the best shoes. Because forcibly dressed skiers who are not suitable for their skiing will cause foot pain, inability to ski, swelling, blistering and other problems.