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What causes itchy skin in winter

Tips 2022-06-20 07:06:23 Home Life 306

Itchy skin in winter is mainly caused by the following reasons:

In winter, the temperature is relatively low. At this time, the moisture in the air will also decrease, and it will become dry. At this time, the oil secreted by the human skin will decrease, and the new city metabolism of the skin will naturally slow down. , to a certain extent, it will lead to skin secretion disorders, which will lead to skin itching.

What causes itchy skin in winter1

Another reason is that in winter, everyone will turn on the air conditioner. When the air conditioner is working, it will absorb the moisture in the air, which will cause the environment to become dry and aggravate the itching of the skin.

The last reason is that you may suffer from skin diseases. Wearing more clothes in winter will make the skin dry after rubbing.