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What's up with the natural gas green flame?

Tips 2022-06-28 09:06:41 Home Life 521

With the development of society, people's quality of life has also been greatly improved. Now, most people in the city use natural gas for cooking, which is more convenient. Generally, the flames of natural gas are mostly blue. What's up with the green flames?

What's up with the natural gas green flame?1

1. When the natural gas stove is opened relatively large, the flame core part of the natural gas will be combined with oxygen in the air, resulting in an insufficient oxygen supply. At this time, the natural gas cannot be completely burned, thus generating part of carbon monoxide, the flame tail part of carbon monoxide, and oxygen. When the reaction occurs, a so-called green flame is created.

2. Another reason is that the material on the edge of the natural gas stove's fire outlet is made of copper, and the reaction of copper under the flame will turn green, which will cause us to see a green flame when we turn on the natural gas. Either way, it's safe, don't be too scared.