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Development stage how breast enhancement

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The development stage can be through diet, massage, choosing suitable underwear, hot compress, and exercise to enlarge the breast.

Diet breast enhancement

The amount of exercise in adolescence is relatively large, so generally do not worry about gaining weight, so women do not have too much care, eat more collagen-rich food such as chicken wings, chicken skin, chicken skin, beef tendon and so on, before going to bed to drink yogurt, eat peanuts, yam, etc., can promote the development of the chest.

Massage breast enhancement

Women in the bath or a person at home idle nothing, can be appropriate to knead their chest, massage six minutes before going to bed every day, can use channels and collaterals unimpeded, promote chest blood circulation, nutrition delivery faster, to promote the development of the chest.

Choose appropriate underwear

Adolescents belong to the developmental stage, must choose appropriate underwear, avoid too strong, can oppress lymphatic otherwise, let bosom development lack space, also do not want too loose, do not have fixed action to bosom otherwise, the likelihood can appear flabby.

Development stage how breast enhancement1

Hot compress

Girls in the development stage to do a good job of breast care, every night to do hot compress on the chest, can effectively promote local blood circulation, and then massage with massage cream, can effectively promote the development of the chest, can achieve the effect of making the chest bigger.

Exercise breast enhancement

Lie on your back on the pedal, head, shoulders, and hips on the board, cross your legs and bend your knees in front of your chest. Hold a dumbbell with both hands and slowly straighten it up, then lower it slowly back to your head, inhaling as you fall.