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What solution does the heel of a new shoe grind foot have?

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Beat with a wet towel

Generally speaking, the new shoes are the most abrasive place is the heel and the big toe, this time you can use a wet towel on the two parts, and then use a hammer to knock the shoe grinding place smooth, so you can solve the problem of new shoes grinding feet.

Soap candle polishing

If the fresh feet are caused by small shoes, you can use a wet towel to cover the wet shoes and make them bigger. Then take a piece of soap or a candle and apply a thin layer on the part of the shoes that most contact with the heel. After that, the heel will become smooth, so that the feet will not be rubbed.

What solution does the heel of a new shoe grind foot have?1

Wet newspaper filling

Solve the problems of the new shoes to grind the feet, can also be prepared to a piece of paper, then put the newspaper to knead into a ball with a little water, but not too wet to guarantee the whole mass of paper to touch the water, then take Zhang Gan newspaper wrapped in tight areas in wet paper, put the shoes in a sealed plastic bag overnight, the second day can alleviate the problems of new shoes grinding the feet.

Alcohol infiltration

To solve the problem of new shoes grinding feet, can also use alcohol to solve, the liquor or alcohol poured into the new shoes slowly shake a few times, put an hour later to wear, so that the leather of the new shoes becomes soft, good to wear again will not grind feet; You can also wet the inside of your shoes by mixing alcohol and water in a 1:1 ratio, and place the shoes on your feet until they dry. Once the alcohol has dried, the shoes will hold their shape.