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How to get rid of garlic and onion smell in mouth

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The bad breath after eating garlic can be eliminated by drinking a glass of milk.


Sour in nature is slightly bitter and has the effects of promoting body fluid, quenching thirst, and dispelling heat. You can add some mint to a glass of boiling water and drink some fresh lemon juice to get rid of bad breath.


Acidic, and cold in taste, it has the functions of digestion, invigorating the spleen, fragrant and deodorizing. Eating fresh grapefruit petals can remove the bad gas in the stomach and eliminate the peculiar smell in the mouth, and the grapefruit also has the effect of detoxification.

How to get rid of garlic and onion smell in mouth1


Hawthorn is sour and slightly sweet and flat in taste. When boiled with rock sugar, it has the effect of dissipating blood stasis, eliminating accumulation, clearing the stomach, and removing bad breath. If you are in a place like an office, it is also a good choice to share a small bottle of canned hawthorn with your colleagues after the work meal.


Take a dozen peanut kernels and chew them repeatedly and swallow them, the garlic smell in the mouth can be removed.

Black Date:

Take 2 black dates and chew slowly in your mouth, the garlic smell in your mouth can be eliminated.