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What should I do if my new dark clothes fade?

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1. Saltwater immersion

The color of the clothes can be prevented by soaking them in salt water. The saltwater has a certain effect on the color fixing, but the specific time for the color fixing of the salt water depends on the fabric of the clothes. Some fabrics are difficult to fix, such as silk fabrics.

2. Soak herbal tea

You can also soak the new clothes with cold tea water before cleaning to prevent the clothes from fading. At the same time, you should not soak the clothes for too long, otherwise, it will damage the fiber of the new clothes and reduce their wearing life.

What should I do if my new dark clothes fade?1

3. Wash and reverse sun

After washing the new clothes, it is recommended to air the clothes in turn, especially in summer when ultraviolet light is strong because ultraviolet light will also cause pigment decoloration, which can reduce the damage of ultraviolet light. At the same time, attention should not be dried for a long time, and the clothes can be dried without drying.